Smart Data Means Smarter Decisions

Modern self service reporting for your line of business data and processes. Point and click insight you can share with everyone.

  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Visualizations
  • Legacy Reports
  • Self Service


Pull it all together with smart dashboards.

Dashboards are a dynamic and interactive tool for viewing critical information from multiple sources in a single view. Users can hover over a report to get details, or drill down into it for greater insight. Create and customize your own BI dashboards, then use them to print, save, share and send reports. Security options let you decide who can view or make edits.

Instant Reports

Get answers on demand.


Let the data tell the story, beautifully

Identifi analytics allows you to visualize your business data with stunning charts and graphs that tell the story at a glance. Personalize reports gauges and maps to that make sense for your data. Dive deeper into any visualization with unlimited drill drown levels. Use over a dozen different ways to visually communicate your data.

Legacy Reports

Recreate legacy reports and documents with ease.

Create custom layout forms with Report Documents. Use self-service content customization with a browser-based, WYSIWYG designer to recreate legacy reports and forms quickly and easily. Create pixel perfect representations of government, corporate, or partner documents. Merge data from analytics directly into the report document for mass document creation.

Self Service

Transition to modern self-service reporting and analytics.

Interactive Reports
Easy to learn and easy to use, for everyone. Empower your users to unearth business intelligence and data discovery on their own terms. Whether they need to add fields, filters, or pivots to a new report variation, our intuitive interface has it covered.
Not a database expert? Need data insights for multiple data sets instantaneously? Identifi’s Instant Reports feature enables you to create search-based reports as smooth as a Google search experience. It also comes equipped with instant previewing capabilities, so you can get the reports just right in record time.
For all of those users who accelerate their performances with Microsoft Excel, Identifi allows you to pick apart and parse data in similar ways. The technology leverages analysis grids and operational reports needed to keep business operations moving forward, faster. It’s simple, effortless, and built to make your life that much easier.