Document Tracking

Keep Auditors Happy

Identifi incorporates automatic document tracking to make sure you have the right documents for any business process.


  • Compliance
  • Recurring Documents
  • Exception Reporting

Stay In Compliance

Regulatory pressures are increasing in every industry. Having the correct documents on file can be the difference between a regulatory thumbs up or a hefty fine.

Identifi monitors data from your line of business applications and knows what documents are required.  If documents aren’t received in time, Identifi automatically flags them as an exception. can send the team exception reports to help collect the missing paperwork.

Recurring Documents

Keep annual and other recurring documents up-to-date.

Exception Reporting

Stay on top of exceptions with automated reports.

Identifi provides online exception reports by account owner for missing documents. Exceptions are monitored for each event, such as an auto loan or a new employee hire. Run exception reports manually or setup automatic notifications for account owners in your organization to be notified via email that they should follow up.

Pending Reports
Don't wait until exceptions creep in. Pending reports give you a view of documents that are coming due soon. Check pending reports to have an opportunity get documents in early.
Grace Days
Not all documents come in right on schedule. Give yourself (or customers) a bit of leeway by adding an acceptable amount of grace days for any document type being tracked.
True Document Tracking
Other tracking or tickler systems may alert you that you need a document, but they can't tell you if it's really in your filing cabinet. With Identifi, document exceptions are only cleared when the document is added to the repository so you know you have it on file.