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An encrypted repository for all your content

State of the art ECM features that enable you to keep millions of documents organized, secure, and in compliance.

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Document Library

A place for everything and everything in its place. Piling up documents is the natural result of everyday business.

As your organization grows, so does the need to collect, find, and manage documents. Critical information such as legal agreements, employee records, orders, and customer records must be stored and organized.

Identifi features a robust repository that is capable of managing millions of documents. Keep all that information organized using searchable metadata attributes you define. Use integrated document attributes and full text searching to sift through the pile and find information instantly. Setup retention policies to automatically remove documents when they are no longer useful or legally required.

Security Blanket

Identifi offers four levels of security which enables you to control data visibility all while maintaining the data in a single storage location.

Flexible permission settings make it easy to set control over who can see what. Built-in encryption “at rest” keeps documents secure even while they’re not being viewed.


Convert Paper to Digital

While many documents are "born digital", there's still plenty that show up as a pile of thinly sliced trees.

Identifi integrates document imaging to convert your paperwork into manageable digital files. Use scan plans to make scanning a simple one click affair. If your documents have barcodes on them, Identifi can read those too and make indexing your paperwork automatic.

Stay in Compliance

Regulatory pressures are increasing in every industry. Having the correct documents on file can be the difference between a regulatory thumbs up or a hefty fine.

Identifi incorporates automatic document tracking to make sure you have the right documents for any business process. Identifi monitors data from your line of business applications and knows what documents are required. If documents aren’t received in time, Identifi can send the team exception reports to help collect the missing paperwork. But what about next year? Identifi handles that too. Documents that are required annually (or any other recurring period) automatically reappear on the exception report if they aren’t received again the following period.

Document Viewing
Identifi document viewer is sophisticated supporting advanced features like Document Versioning, Multi Document Viewing, Full Screen Viewing, Annotations, View Office File Formats, Convert to PDF, Text Search, and more.
Business Data Integration
Identifi loves your business data. Integrate your line of business application data with Identifi to speed up document indexing and automate retention policies.
Document Retention
Identifi can automatically remove documents based on policies you define. Worried about deleting something prematurely? Don’t be! Document Retention also allows for an administration override and final review before removal.
Automatic Import
Easily import documents from third party sources with Uplink. Uplink works great with MFPs and good ‘ole file shares to pick up documents and automatically import them into the repository.
Document Subscriptions
Identifi allows users to subscribe to related document. Email notifications are triggered if a new document is added to the group or a document in the group is changed. The email contains a link back to the impacted document(s).
Smart Folders
Identifi makes it easy turn any document search into a virtual folder. For example, you might be looking for daily reports, new account openings, or invoices that are ready for review and approval. You can also subscribe to a smart folder to be kept up to date on any changes.
Version Control
Identifi handles document versioning to ensure people are looking at the latest version as well as preserving the life cycle of a document. Identifi has rollback capabilities as a safeguard.
Deploying and configuring scanning stations can be challenging, however with Identifi it can all be managed from the browser. All scan plans, and hardware specific settings are maintained centrally in the cloud or on your server for every workstation.
Document Metadata
Create document types and document attributes to keep information organized the way it makes sense to you. All the setup can be handled by business owners rather than requiring IT so you can skip the phone call and let those guys focus on the 1’s and 0’s.

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