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Create Workflows That Work for You

Every minute counts in your business, and efficiency is key to unlocking the true potential of your operations. That's why at Identifi, we provide a workflow solution that optimizes your productivity and boosts your profitability.

With our workflow solution, you can build intelligent business processes designed to simplify your work and yield more reliable results. We’ve designed our software to learn and understand your processes so thoroughly that building workflows will feel like second nature to you.

Schedule a Demo to Build a Free Workflow in 15 Minutes!

Our solution is so good that we’re confident we can teach you how to create smart, reliable workflows in just 15 minutes. Schedule a demo with a member of our team, and we’ll help you build a workflow that will make an immediate impact on your business – at no charge and with no commitment.
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Empower Your Customers and Staff with Workflows

Identifi Workflow lets you create a more self-sufficient environment for your customers or members, while streamlining your internal processes and making life easier for your employees.

We have created powerful workflows that can transform every aspect of your business with automation and efficiency.

Schedule your 15 minute demo to see our workflows in action.

Why Our Customers Trust Workflow

Village Bank

Nicole Jencunas, Assistant Vice President and Operations Manager

“We recently added the Workflow feature and have been able to streamline our internal processes, add audit controls and approval levels, and quickly and efficiently integrate Online eSign to update customer documents. Workflow allowed us to turn a manual, time-consuming task into an efficient, manageable solution!”

Ion Bank

Matthew Capristo, VP Solutions Architect

“Identifi’s scalable solution has enabled us to easily track the receipt of regulatory required documents, streamline our operational document review processes, and allowed us to implement time-saving, policy-driven workflows that have saved time and money throughout the organization.”

Needham Bank

Matthew Basque, Assistant Vice President, System Development

“Since implementing the workflow product with Identifi, we’ve been able to streamline and eliminate a lot of manual processes between the business lines. Each stakeholder can see where an item is, and each of the steps in the workflow are date/time stamped. Auditors love the tracking since there is a comprehensive audit trail. Now that we are in the SaaS, we are also looking forward to expanding this great tool for our customers to use, as well.”

Build a Free Workflow in 15 Minutes!

Schedule a demo with a member of our team, and we’ll help you build a free, no-commitment workflow that will make an immediate impact on your business.
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