Paperless Receipts

Electronic receipts are a fast and easy way to give your customer a paper receipt and retain an electronic copy for later retrieval. What’s more, electronic receipts allow customers to receive a secure signed copy of their receipt via email.

  • Storage
  • Processing
  • Security
  • Support


Easy storage and retrieval.

Take advantage of electronic signature technology in your point of sale environment. Use the visual receipt designer to easily extract transaction information from your receipt data. Identifi uses that data to automatically classify and index receipts. Search and retrieve any receipt and customer signature using transaction data.



Flexable rule-based processing.

Secure Transactions

Creating safer electronic receipts.

Identifi uses dedicated signature tablets that record biometric information with each signature. Biometric signature information is combined with the receipt document to create a tamper-evident seal. Any attempt to modify the document will render the signatures invalid. Keep auditors happy with audit logs keep track of every step of the signing process. Identifi complies with E-Sign and UETA legislation so everyone can breathe easy.

In an electronic copy in for later retrieval and It’s fast and easy way to give the customer a paper receipt and still retain an electronic copy in for later retrieval. Electronic receipts allow customers to complete transactions and receive a copy of their receipt via email. Electronically capture receipts with rules, sign electronically, email them to customers.


Identifi has built-in support for the drive thru's.

Rules for Transactions
Set rules to determine which transactions and dollar amounts require signatures.
Instant Integration
Identifi integrates seamlessly with your existing system to capture transaction data using virtual printer technology.
Fast Print Output
Use fast Epson thermal printers to quickly generate receipts for customers waiting in line.