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Westfield Bank

Westfield Bank & Identifi

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Westfield Bank, a $2 billion institution based in northeast Ohio, needed help managing a massive amount of documents following the acquisition of two financial institutions. In addition, the bank wanted to streamline several cumbersome processes to increase efficiency.


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The bank teamed with Identifi to capture, sort and map a trove of documents using a platform that integrated seamlessly into the bank’s core. Identifi also empowered bank staff with the tools needed to create dozens of custom workflows to simplify operations.

“We had a lot of big pieces to move,
and we needed a solid partner to
help us do it. That's why we began
working with Identifi ...”

Like so many community banks around the country, Westfield Bank in Westfield Center, Ohio has grown considerably from humble beginnings. But how many community banks can say they have gone from a double-wide trailer setup in a parking lot to nine physical locations, nearly 200 full-time employees and more than $2 billion in assets?

With seven branches in northeast Ohio including, Medina, Canton, Akron, Wooster, Brecksville, Westfield Center and Cuyahoga Falls, Westfield Bank has established itself as a Buckeye State mainstay thanks to its deep community roots and commitment to personalized service.

However, growing a bank in northeast Ohio does not come without its own set of challenges, particularly those related to document management. Westfield Bank acquired two financial institutions in 2012 and 2014. The first aquired institution mantained a robust electronic document management system that was different than what Westfield Bank used, whereas the second institution did not leverage electronic document retention at all.
More Data, More Problems (Initially)

Mary Weakland and Eileen Cook, Westfield Bank's Vice President of Operations and Strategic Initiatives Manager and Bank Records Manager, respectively, recognized how difficult it was to manage their bank's current data - while simultaneously absorbing the large amount of new data from the aquisitions.

"We had a small amount of electronic, deposit- related and consumer loan documents, but we also had so many files cabinets full of paper that adding more file cabinets as we continued to grow wasn't a realistic option," said Weakland. "On top of that, we needed to figure out how to manage the first aquired bank's electronic donuments while simultaneously capturing documents from the second aquired bank."

The bank had their work cut out for them, and they needed a reliable partner to help get the job done.

"We had a lot of big pieces to move, and we needed a solid partner to help us do it. That's why we began working with Identifi toward the end of 2014," said Weakland.
Definitive Data Management ... in Phases

Westfield Bank and Identifi worked together to conquer the bank's monumental data management tasks in four phases:
Westfield four phases
"Thankfully, we moved to a robust system when we moved to Identifi, and they worked well with our team at the bank to handle the movement and mapping of all that documentation," said Weakland.

Weakland said it was a multi-year project to get everything from all three banks scanned sorted and mapped into Identifi's platform, but they were able to accomplish the project smoothly and on a schedule that benefitted the bank.

we moved to a 
robust system
when we moved
to Identifi ...”

One of the reasons this project met such a succeessful conclusion is because Identifi's platform integrated seamlessly with Westfield Bank's core.

"Within our core, there is a custom Identifi button our staff can click that essentially opens an extension of what they're already working on," said Cook. "They don't see Identifi as a different application from the core. That made acceptance and training easier."

This smooth integration also paved the way for future projects, including the creation of custom workflows that would have a huge impact on the bank's business processes.
Westfield working table

“They were right there beside us through every
single step, working diligently to make the
workflow what we wanted it to be.”

Go with the (Work)flow

Westfield Bank uses an Oracle solution to help manage accounts payable, and the bank has a full-time employee to manage it because of the huge amount of data that is handled daily. The bank sought a workflow that would connect Identifi and Oracle to make things more efficient.

The bank worked closely with Identifi to create a custom workflow in the Identifi module that syncs and updates with everything that gets captured in Oracle overnight.
"It was a very complicated workflow to build, and Identifi had a lot of involvement because it was our first," said Weakland. "They were right there beside us through every single step, working diligently to make the workflow what we wanted it to be."

Since the success of the first workflow, the team at Westfield Bank has built almost 40 more workflows across multiple departments. Weakland described the workflow as a "game changer," and according to her, the most difficult workflow to build was the one that streamlined the new account review process.
This was a particularly important workflow because the bank had a manual, paper-intensive process involving several departments in several locations which required paper to move from one location to another in order to complete the review process.

"Because of that workflow, we now have an automated way of ensuring we are not missing anything when it comes to new account setups," said Weakland. "That was huge for us."

Smoother Control, Simpler Deployments

The bank was such huge fans of the automated way of doing things that they decided to switch from hosting their Identifi platform in-house to moving to Identifi's Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud.

Cook said the bank gained several key benefits from moving to the SaaS cloud, including the ability to upgrade the platform on a quarterly basis without having to rely on the bank's IT staff.

"It has been a wonderful for us because updates and hot fixes get implemented right away without having middlemen between us and Identifi to make things happen in our system," said Cook.
Weakland added that moving to the cloud also gives the bank much more control over the system than they had previously, which has led to faster and more efficient deployment of new Identifi services, including E-signatures.

Online E-Sign

The bank has a niche market that has customers located across the country. The bank needed electronic signature abilities in order to expedite capturing signatures for this market. Identifi E-Singatures was chosen to facilitate meeting this need. Little did the bank know that a pandemic was in the horizon.

"E-Signatures became a tremendous advantage for us when COVID hit last year," said Weakland. "We had a much easier time helping 800 customers who were needing immediate payment relief and handling the closing of approximately 1700 SBA PPP loans.

A Partnership Paying Dividends

Westfield Bank is enjoying flawless data management, powerful custom worklows, automated processes, and simplified product deployment and so much more because of the collaborative, supportive and responsive partnership they enjoy with Identifi.

"Anytime we need anything from them, they're very fast to help us," said Weakland. "Even if they don't have the fix, they at least respond to us that they're working on it and will keep us updated."

“E-Signatures became a tremendous advantage for us when COVID hit last year.”

"There are so many vendors that are just not a joy to work with. I cannot say that about Identifi," said Cook. "I always have someone to call and I know I'm going to get help immediately."
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